Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ode to Animal Jam

While some may say it's a children's game
And I know it's true
Despite my older age and dutiful responsibilities
I will always come to you
I created a blog just to rant
And I may not post very much
You will always be a reminder
Of summer days spent inside and away
From loud and noisy teens
In their open roofed Jeeps
A blanket on my back
And a slice of pizza at my side
I wipe grease off a wrinkled napkin
And key in that wonderful name
Now I am getting busier
And older
And I still have to finish that darned art project
I have rather forgotten you
But do not fret
For some weekend will come
And I will be recaptured by your magic
Wait for me animal jam
I'm coming back
But seriously
When was the last time I played
I do not remember
I'm sorry
Oh well
I haven't been playing games that much
Where has your magic in me gone, Jamaa?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cat Rant

Hai Jammers!

This rant as nothing to do with AJ, but I'm feeling really annoyed and angry right now so I feel the need to rant.

Okay so about a month ago I adopted a cat from a shelter and her name is Catnis. And when I say 'I adopted', I'm right, since I paid the adoption fee and for a majority of all her supplies and stuff. When my family talks about her, they refer to her as 'my name's cat'. So she's technically my cat. 

So I'm really protective of her since she's my first pet cat, I have pet fish, but it's not really the same. Anyways, today we have some guests over, and they have some little kids. So my sibling- not specifying gender or age, but yes I have a sibling, and it's a very stubborn, annoying sibling- hasn't quite gotten the notion that Catnis is living breathing animal who can get scared very easily, and that she is my cat and I will destroy anyone who hurts Catnis. Therefore, he decides that he can convince the little kids that IS FREAKIGN OKAY TO CHASE AFTER CATS AND CONSTANTLY PET THEM EVEN IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE PET.

First off, Catnis gets nervous and scared very easily. And the thing is, if you bother her, she doesn't really fight back, she just runs away or curls into a ball.

Secondly, when I first got Catnis, she was terrified of human contact for about the first week. After that she started to come around and explore. But she's really shy around new people. She just finally got used to our piano teacher being around.

So here they are running after her and pushing her into small spaces and just basically freaking her out, my sibling doing most of the handiwork. Anyone could tell that she was really scared. Her fur is all raised up and she's keeping her tail between her legs. And whenever she ran away, she would keep her body really low to the ground.

I told my sibling to stop bothering her, since too much stress for a cat is never a good thing, and I didn't want her to be scared of me for the next week because of this incident.

My sibling made a mocking face at me and told me to go away.

I knew I wasn't going anywhere with my imbecilic sibling, so I went to my parents to ask them if they could tell my sibling to stop bothering Catnis.

Thye told me that I needed to calm down and stop being too stressed out. They said the cat would be fine and to just let my sibling play.

So here i am holed up in my room viciously hating my life and hoping that my cat is okay. 

And before you say, oh he's only a little kid, he doesn't know what he's doing,
he is definately old enough to know that if you chase after cats and they run away, they dont want to be pet.

okay so yeah 
sorry if this wasnt as funny as you might have wanted it but i'm reaaly annoyed and my rage is uncontainable

ahaha i feel much better guys if you're ever mad, here's the place to rant silver's got ur back BD

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hai Jammers!

So I'm here with some problems that I think you guys can relate to. These are just some random phrases I spout when I come across them.

"no no no my glove is not for trade leave me alone"
"scammer scammer pants on fire"
"Well, if I buy this item I'll be broke, but if I don't buy it I'll be rlly sad hah yolo *buys item*"
"These colors do not match ugh why."
"AJ why did you send me a warning I didn't say anything bad dID I SAY ANYTHING BAD ARGH GO AWA-"
"Hm. 1,000 gems for this item. Not bad, not bad. *throws laptop out window*"
"Free spike? Hah. As if.... uh...*goes to person's den* I KNEW IT WAS A SCAM UGH"
 "That trade was so unfair no no I will not give you my item you lil squirt be quiet go away"
"Loading... loading... what do you mean try again later???"
"nn don't count I totally got you man dude no you cannot make lava fall out of the sky well GUESS WHAT SUCKA AIR BENDIN SLICE!"
"What is that horrendous item why would anyone buy that."
"Room is full?!? *clicks repeatedly on Jamaa Township* *gets in* HAH I DID IT! *accidently walks into Appondale* NO."
"*walks into phantom* I hate this game. *plays for another hour*"
"When are the alphas coming backkk..."
"I wanna be a billionare *recyles items* so freakin' bad... *recycles everything*"
"Oh you're ten? And you're thirteen? And you're eight? *tugs on collar uncomfortably* Uhh..."
"Why did the screen just turn black? Nonono don't"
"So many storage accounts."
"I do not care if you have mailtime I don't want to send you items okaaaay..."

Yeah so that's all I think of off the top of my head. If you have any jammer probs let me know and we can't complain together. YESS.
Oh, I've been getting some super sweet jam-a-grams and I wanna let you know I keep every single one of 'em! I try to respond to them all but if I don't please forgive me! I love you, thank you very much to all the people who send me nice messages <3 They make my day! BD

Until next time, Play Wild!

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